This week I did this.

July 31, 2008 at 4:44 pm (Personal) ()

Dear Santa, Jesus, and other meta-fictional characters:

1. I broke bread with some sideshow freaks, so to speak, who are wonderful and special.

2. I made friends with a friend who used to be a friend and then wasn’t a friend for awhile.

3. I planned a birthday surprise.

4. I watched time crawl.

5. I watched a cat chase a rose between my knees.

6. I hugged the one I love overnight.

7. I worried about storms.

8. I talked about writing with writers and made myself interested in the idea again.

9. I tasted my own words.

10. I wrote down ten things that are meaningful.


  1. hedrickm said,

    yay good to hear someone’s blinded by happiness

  2. Michael Rose said,

    Hmmm… looking back at that list, apparently I am pretty happy. The cynic in me wants to gouge out my own eyes, but hell… I can’t knock it. I guess it’s better than being apathetic and miserable (or so I hear). Next time I’ll try to write a counter-list to tone down the sugar.

  3. Michelle said,



  4. Jill said,

    Girls are soft and pretty, and they smell good. I’m glad you have one. =)

  5. Michael Rose said,

    Me, too, actually. She’s pretty swell.

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