Dubya: International Terrorist

September 15, 2006 at 11:20 am (Personal, Politics) (, , )

I made a mistake this morning.
I watched George W Bush’s press conference.

Dubya is putting two bills through Congress right now. The first will basically allow us to torture whomever we want. He says that we are bound by Geneva convention article 3 which keeps us from transgressing over human dignity. He goes on: “Well, what’s human dignity? That’s pretty vague. Heh heh heh.” Vague? Heh heh heh?


Human dignity is human dignity. The republicans screamed and hissed about the definition of a blow job while Clinton was in office, and now they can’t define something like human dignity? “It’s so vague…” Really? It seems easy when we’re defining it for the rest of the world. “I don’t think Americans want international courts to decide how we protect ourselves.” Oh? I fail to see how torturing SUSPECTED “terrorists” half a world away protects little Timmy on his swing-set in Ohio.

This bill would allow them to “try suspected terrorists.” SUSPECTED. That means by simply writing this blog, they could justly fly me out to Guantanamo Bay and dunk my head in water until I pass out, all in the name of freedom.

The “American people have got to know the facts?” The facts according to a megalomaniacal idiot who lives in a world of fear and insanity?

He tells us that there is “an enemy who has attacked us and will attack again.” It’s been five years. FIVE YEARS since a handful of evil men flew a plane into a building and killed many innocent Americans. To use that tragedy as a rhetorical tactic to justify an endless war is a WAR CRIME. Who’s going to try George W Bush?

He says that this enemy “is trying to spread an ideology through the middle-east using violence. Through killing innocent women and children.” It’s time to look in the mirror! You don’t spread democracy by bombing hospitals. He turns around three seconds later and talks about how “dangerous” the world is… one attack in five years, and not even one that was based in military weaponry, is a pretty good record when you look at the horrors in Palestine and Israel, in Darfur, in northern Ireland… welcome to the real world, Dubya.

Unfortunately, the president is willing to use terrorist tactics to ostensibly fight terror. Does that not seem like a bit of an oxymoron?

His second bill will allow wire-tapping to a greater degree than this country has ever allowed spying on it’s citizens. It will allow Dubya to listen in on our phone calls, read our chat logs, find out anything he wants to about us. This bill would allow our government agencies a more intrusive role in our lives than at any time in American history.

“I think a lot of Americans are frustrated with the United Nations.” Oh? Really? By a lot of Americans do you mean you and your daddy? Because they won’t let you play war anymore?

He has said the words “protecting this country” sixteen times in the past ten minutes. Listening to him lie to the American public is nauseating.

The Federal courts have ruled that Bush’s ideas are unconstitutional and dangerous. How much power does this man think he has? We have a historically accurate word for men like this: Dictator.

How can people support this man? The same reason the German people supported Hitler… they stop thinking and get caught up in lunatic flag waving. Led down a road to hell by an idiot who thinks he’s a God-king. For God’s sake, wake up and think!

A question about “Illegal eavesdropping” becomes “Terrorist surveillance program” is the mouth of the beast… his rhetoric is carefully crafted to frighten and stupefy the American public. A liar, a thief, and God willing, a man that will go down in the history books as the worst president in American history. Our economy is in the toilet, our freedoms are being eroded, and we’re been dragged into an expensive and endless war against an abstract noun where victory is unassured, if not impossible.

And people wonder why the international community hates us?

It’s not for “our freedoms.” It’s because we’ve become arrogant and horrible. We are led by a madman, a terrorist himself, injecting his ideology into other places at an alarming rate and damning those who would do the same on a lesser scale.

“We’ve had a good record of bringing people to justice.” So did Stalin, you piece of shit. His own people. Wait for the purge everyone. You don’t think it’s coming? Maybe this is an exaggeration, but looking at the rights we’ve already lost, especially the freedom of the press and our privacy… better start reading Huxley and Orwell. They’ll prepare you for what comes next. I’ll come right along with you, kicking and screaming all the way. Why? Because I love the America that America is supposed to be. Not this evil empire.

The first blog I wrote was much more detailed than this one… it was deleted by a computer error. Perhaps that’s ironically appropriate…



I’m out.

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