Great screaming toxic Jesus, it’s happening!

December 8, 2009 at 2:16 pm (Personal, Writing)

I don’t care if it’s self-indulgent drivel, it’s MY self-indulgent drivel. And it’s back from the grave. I found a way to integrate my old blog into this one, and the entries have been imported. For more things than you ever wanted to know about me, look back through the archives!

I’ll be tagging and categorizing things as soon as possible, because there are a few hidden gems here and there, most notably the “thought experiments” which I think you’ll enjoy if you’re a fan of philosophy and other weirdness. There are a few creative pieces buried in there too.

Anyway, I’m just glad to have it all back. There’s something about your life being spread out all over the web that makes one decidedly uncomfortable.

Enjoy. 😉


  1. randywoodard said,

    You go boy! Sounds very interesting, as I do indeed like both philosophy and weird stuff.

  2. Wikipedia Several activities created with LIM Wikizlap said,

    If there is anything about this uprising that makes me hopeful, it is that its goals and methods are decidedly conservative and restrained.

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