A Return to Form

July 17, 2008 at 12:49 pm (Personal, Writing) ()

I’ve been having minor revelations lately, and I think it’s time to start sharing them with the world again. I haven’t blogged in quite some time, so please forgive me, dear reader, if I tend to ramble and seem to have lost some of my style during these last few months of drought.

You must stay drunk on writing so reality cannot destroy you. ~Ray Bradbury

A handful of people who are important to me have been concerned about my complete lack of creative output these past few months, and with good reason. Writers write. I have not been writing. Have I been thinking about writing? Perhaps, but perhaps that’s not enough. As an existentialist, I understand that meaning lies not in the intent, but in the action.

The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium. ~Norbet Platt

Thus have I been contributing to my own decline as a writer. Long ago, in the throes of divorce and heartache, I told someone that the only things that kept me sane were the love of my significant other, and my creative output. I have one of those, but I’ve been neglecting the other, and so the cycle begins:

  1. I am overworked, worried and tired, so I do not write.
  2. I do not write, so I become depressed and angry with myself.
  3. I am angry with myself, and so I use my energy up with self-loathing and become more tired.

Hideous. That said, this blog you are reading is the first of several steps I’m taking in order to get myself moving again, to unleash that kinetic energy that’s been building up and wasting itself, to motivate myself to do what it is that I do. Paige, Keith and Greg get special kudos for support in this particular matter.

But in the end, writing is a solitary activity. So now it’s my ball.

Being an author is like being in charge of your own personal insane asylum. ~Graycie Harmon

For those of you who enjoyed what I was scribbling before this long hiatus, look for:

  • The return of my Thought Experiments
  • Occasional news updates about life, love and lemurs
  • Snippets of new works, poetry, songs, plays, etc.

If nothing else, I want to entertain people again. What can I say? I’m an art-whore. For those of you who are still around, and who still count yourself among my friends, thanks, and please drop a comment or two. My new blog (frequently/freakishly updated) will reside at flooddamage.wordpress.com

The time is nigh. Love.


  1. trish said,

    Can i subscribe to said blogs residence? i have much missed your thought experiments. do you want to come with Keith and ply at our house and private lake in two weeks. Ive heard the sun is good for creativity. also, a good party is good for the self esteem… most times. you may bring Paige and Greg… whoever they may be as we have not talked in ages. we do have much in common though. we both manage box office are siu alums and live in northern Illinois. also we both think Keith is insanely cool (i think that may put us in a minority. tee hee, j/k Keith you know you are the awesomest. Also, how can you be an existentialist and a socialist? discuss.

  2. flooddamage said,

    I’m at work right now, so this might not be nearly as well thought out as it should, but, well, let me side-step slightly and take pieces and parts that work together… 🙂

    The Existentialist me: Believes that actions, not intentions, matter. Believes in a godless universe in which the human being creates meaning through action and choice. Believes that when people make choices, they should be careful because all actions affect the whole of human-kind. Generally artistic, usually liberal/radical.

    The Socialist me: Believes that humans must act in accordance with the needs of the whole of humanity. Believes we must take care of ourselves and one another, help the weak and the suffering, and work for progress. Generally liberal/radical.

    Did that mesh enough for you? 🙂

  3. Mr. Keith said,

    “Insanely cool”?

    Well, gorsch, what can I say?

    (Keith looks down, blushes a little, and schuffles feet.)

    I think you can be a socialist existentially, but not an existentially social.

    Let’s play the suffix game.

  4. Mandy said,

    Wow. I totally get what your saying in #1 then #2 and #3. This is the same for me but in photography. I loved taking pictures but i got all caught up in the real world of work and family and just plain everyday doings, and lacked all the play I needed to do to get back into it. My way of getting out of reality is photography but I like to take documentary photos. Does that even make sense? I like to catch other people’s anguish and glory but yet try to avoid mine. Hmmmm…. In a movie, a girl asked the guy why doesn’t take photos anymore. His response was, “Because I started to get paid for it and it took all the fun out of it.” I laughed so hard because that is what happened to me. I seen it as more a a job than a hobby. I need some refocusing.
    And I so agree on those quotes. I am a writer somewhat because I hate the process but love the finished product. So, I only do it when needed or wanted (which isn’t a lot these days either).
    I love your blogs Mike because they always get me thinking. Thanks.

  5. Michelle said,

    Yay! I’m happy that you are communicating with the world again.
    I love your writing and quotes inserted into your blogs.
    You are wonderful. Truly.

  6. Josephine said,

    I’d like to be counted amongst the friends, but alas, I have little to add by way of comment. I’m not much of a creative person; I have the mentality, I’ve always thought, but no physical outlet. So, I guess, my creations are the better lives I imagine for myself.

    Hmm…enough rambling.

    Ta, and Love

  7. Christina said,

    Missed you Mike!

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