Worst Day Ever

November 30, 2005 at 6:58 pm (Personal)

I know what you’re thinking. “Oh wonderful, another whiny blog wherein someone tries to elicit sympathy from random internet friends because they have a hangnail and their dog barked at them wrong.” This is different. I could care less about pity. If I don’t write about this day, just to record the ridiculous degree to which it sucked for posterity, I’m afraid my mind will blank it out as a self-defense mechanism and I won’t believe it actually happened.

1. The wake up call: I awoke to the sound of my cellular phone. It was one of my two cast members for my final directing scene (that’s 50Àplease keep in mind) to tell me rather hesitantly that due to an engagement in traffic school, he would be unable to be in my scene if we were to perform on Dec 10th, as planned. I told him I understood, but of course the main problem was convincing the professor that my special needs were worth his attention. He is not generally known as a reasonable fellow.

2. Get a horse!: After trying unsuccessfully to return to sleep for another hour and being unable to due to my nervousness about this new obstacle, I dragged my way to school. The parking there was in a word: ludicrous. I have never seen the parking lots this full, ever. I actually had to park so far away from the building that I no longer needed a sticker to park there. Yes… a residential zone. I should have walked, but then I would have been late for class, adding yet another wrinkle to my day.

3. All in the Timing: After getting to school, I attended my first class, which was fine except that it ran over, forcing me to try and pack an hour worth of teaching preparation into twenty minutes (this is minus walking time). I arrived at my class ill-prepared and without lesson plan. Luckily, it was largely an administrative day, putting them into groups for the final. I did have one fellow tell me (after he was in the group) that he might not show up, since he already has an A. Lovely.

4. Messages from Hell: I got back to my office, feeling tired, annoyed and generally disdainful of everything. I talked to my professor and after I threw out some seriously overwhelmed looks, he agreed to let me go a different day for the final. I had just enough time to eat a Clif bar for lunch. I checked my messages and noticed that there were two. The first was from the OTHER member of my cast, saying that he was mistaken about possible rehearsal times and that he had class. I couldn’t move the rehearsal time however, because of other things both the cast and I had going on today (a friend’s staged reading, classes, etc) so we’ve missed yet another practice, and there’s only a week to put all this together into a coherent mess.

5. Flood Damage of the Auditory Passage: The other message was from my guitarist, who informed me that my drummer had mysterious fluid leaking from his ears, and would be unable to play tonight. Since I had no time today to prepare a backup plan, I reluctantly told him to cancel the show indefinitely.

6. What would you do for a Klondike Bar?: To cheer myself up, I decided to walk over and get my paycheck. Only after grabbing another friend to walk with me did I remember that paychecks don’t even come until tomorrow. After some choice words, I let him go and sat down for the meeting which I had previously thought I’d be unable to make it to due to rehearsals.

7. I’m an idiot.: The meeting for Theatre 101 teachers was about to get underway when copies of the recent papers were mentioned. To my horror I had forgotten to make these copies before handing them back to my students; something that is important and necessary for the university. I apologized of course, and my supervisor was kind about it, but now I have to ask 55 students who could care less to give me BACK their papers (if they still have them) so I can do my job properly.

There you have it. The lucky seven. As long as I don’t inhale a wasp tonight or fall off a pier, perhaps that will be the end of my cursed luck. Nothing too tragic, I suppose, no… but everything that could possibly go wrong did. I feel like I’m in a very unfunny sitcom.

Tomorrow will be better. It couldn’t be much worse. (None of you had better die, or I’m going to be SO pissed off).

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