Muttering Pit of Angst and Loathing

June 30, 2005 at 12:03 am (Personal)

From the subject line, you would guess I’ve fallen into a time warp and returned to be a sullen teenager again, but no, I have real reasons behind my rather acidic state these days.

The main crux of the aggravation is my car. It was broken into three nights ago by some unknown asshats. They smashed my driver’s side window, pulled my CD player out, and made off like the thieving bastards they are. Of course in the process they did a good number on the paint job as well. It’s a hell of a way to wake up, I’ll tell you. 8:00 AM my neighbor is pounding on my door, and when I groggily answer he tells me I might want to come outside… my car’s been broken into.

I hadn’t adequately prepared myself for the sight of the broken glass all over my interior and the hanging wires that screamed from inside “I used to have a CD player in me.” So now, in the poorest season of the year, I am about to hand $500 to the repair shop. (Insurance is paying half that… the total bill is around $750… my deductable is $500.) So now I’m hoping that I can afford to pay rent in this shithole where everyone steals anything that isn’t nailed down or in my pockets. One person I know said “Well dude, you do live in the ghetto of Carbondale. It’s the 2nd worst neighborhood here!”

Why isn’t there a pamphlet distributed to people when they move to a town telling them where the neighborhoods are crap?

Note to self: Create pamphlet.

In addition to this, stress from work and such are degrading my happiness at an alarming rate. Perhaps a short trip to St. Louis this weekend with a certain special girl will re-ignite my passion for life… that is, if there are windows in my car by then.



  1. iheartfiber said,

    that totally sucks! That is such a crappy feeling. It’s happened to my sister like three times! It just makes you want to get angry and punch someone, for sure.

  2. daughterofjesus said,

    wow, you have my sympathies. that is a hell of a thing to wake up to, but you can look at it as a precautionary to be more careful now, right? besides, you’re lucky about your insurance. my deductible is $1500 heh.
    why don’t neighborhoods come with pamphlets?! it’d be a great way to sell a house/apartment, that’s for sure. it could go either way, i guess . . .
    anyway, i hope your spirits are reignited this weekend!! st. louis sounds like the perfect weekend getaway, especially now.

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