Fuming about the Postal Service

April 20, 2005 at 6:10 pm (Uncategorized)

So I recently ordered a book and two CDs from Amazon.com, something I have done many times over throughout my life as an internet user. I love Amazon’s selection and prices, so I often use it as an alternative to shopping locally. This order, however, turned out to have a rather depressing result.

According to the tracking number given to the package by Amazon and maintained by the US Postal Service, this package was delivered on April 19th at 12:55 PM. I found this fact rather odd, since I did not find a package when I got home yesterday in the office (where UPS and FedEX drop off our packages for us) nor was there a card in my mailbox stating that I needed to go pick up the package at the post office.

I began to expect the worst, so I called the USPS. After spending a load of time surfing around their phone lines, and getting no help, I finally found a person to take a report for me. Sadly, only a bit later I also ended up filing a police report. When I walked downstairs, on a hunch, I checked the dumpster next to my apt. building, and lo and behold, there was my package, cut open by some awful person.

The carrier had left the package in the HALL, which is a COMPLETELY UNSECURED area and checked the package off as “delivery confirmed.” How that is within the realm of logic, I do not know, however I DO know that my CDs were stolen by some jerk and I never even got to see them. They left me the book at least. I guess they aren’t into wrestling.

The post office is giving me the run around, of course, saying that the carrier made the descision but not actually reimbursing me for the loss of something that was in no way my fault. This is a rather depressing situation. I contacted the local record stores in case someone tried to fence them, but I doubt it will pay off. They’re both new albums (Beck – Guero and Mindless Self Indulgence – You’ll Rebel to Anything) so I’m sure they’ll be easy to get rid of. I am sad.

I did write Amazon, since I have been told by a number of people today how customer-oriented Amazon is. I thought it wouldn’t hurt. Next time, I’m getting my merchandise FedEx. At least they make me sign for it rather than leaving it in a public hallway in the middle of the day!


(end of controlled, but still pissed off rant)



  1. jesse_dylan said,

    Wow. That’s never happened to me before. It seems like it could easily happen, though. What a pain. I hope the USPS or Amazon.com gives you some recompense. That’s stupid. Like a brain without cells.

  2. iheartfiber said,

    Dude, that’s totally lame-o. I know when the dumbass USPS guy who brough our amazon stuff one time (and just dropped it literally dropped it! on my doorstep) broke the stuff inside, we got compensated for it. I think Amazon reimbursed us, though, not USPS.
    Regardless, harumph! What a pain

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