An Ode To Blank Verse

February 16, 2005 at 4:30 pm (Writing) (, , )

While studying John Dryden in grad school, I was taken with the idea that he wrote in blank verse, defying the conventions of the time. I like that, since to me, rhymed verse tends to get annoying very quickly. So anyway… I wrote this. Enjoy! (And remember, you saw it here first! Please cite me if you share this, eh? 🙂

An Ode to Blank Verse – Michael Rose (02-13-05)

When studying poetry
I find rhyming idolatry
Decidedly lower a rank,
Than shunned rhyme and meter
For nothing is sweeter
Than verse most transcendently blank;
For verse without pretense
I yearn for precedence
And leave rhyming verse in the dust;
The plot subjugation
Creates indignation
At the expense of a rhyme scheme, I trust;
“A gimmick!” I cry
While I diligent try
To satire what I here condemn;
“It’s unnecessary,
and really quite scary,”
I say, while this couplet I mend;
Admitting my folly
To you, reader most jolly,
Will apt make this poem most terse,
But at least I do cease
‘Fore we all rest in peace
And that’s why I champion blank verse

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