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December 4, 2004 at 1:31 pm (Uncategorized)

A wee update on my life here in Illinois, for those few people who read this stupid thing.

First of all, although I wasn’t planning on doing any acting this year, guess what? It’s dragged me back in. I was asked to come in and read for a dramatic student written play called “The Spirit of Eugene V Debs” in which I ended up getting the part of Jenkins, one of only three speaking roles, and better yet, he’s the villain! It’s a play about a mining town, and workers getting ready to strike. Jenkins owns the town and is willing to kill to keep the workers from striking. It’s a pretty cool play, and guess what? It was going to be performing it at ACTF! I was excited about that until just yesterday it was cancelled. There was a major meltdown between two of the important members of the production, bridges were burned, and well… it’s over. It’s very reminiscent of Clifford Odets material… both the play and the conflict between the folks that had it… unfortunate and unprofessional though, sadly.

The actress who played the union guy’s daughter in the play has asked me to be her partner in Irene Ryans this year as well, which should be fun. To tell you the truth, I was quite honored that she asked me, considering the amount of available people around here. Oh, also, just because it’s so cool, I have to share this… the director of the “Debs” play was this guy from Nigeria named Segun Ojewuyi. He graduated from Yale, and knows Wole Soyinka personally! It was a very intense experience to work with this guy… the readthru alone took three days, because of all the analysis and stuff we were doing… really tough, and intensely exhausting process, but he was pulling really cool stuff out of us, I think! It’s over, but at least this guy knows what I’m capable of now, so I’m sure I’ll get to work with him again in the future.

I’m also involved with the improv troupe here, Community Floss. It’s a lot of fun, but I miss the miNotables. It’s just different, you know? The one thing that we do here that’s super-cool though, is long-form improv, which is very different and very cool… it’s like making up a short play, basically (with some rules that keep it on track.)

The writing thing is going well too. I guess it had better be, since that’s kind of what I’m here for. I’ve been upping my production quota, so to speak, since my playwriting class expects a new short play (or scene from a longer one) at least every two weeks. It has been good for me not only to practice more (by writing more) but also to have the kind of critical support I get being around a group of playwrights. There are about seven or eight of us right now, and it’s been invaluable to me to have others of a like mind around to tear me down a little and occasionally say “good work.”

Some of you who’ve been around Minot ND forever may remember at least seeing my play “Powdered Eggs” back in 1999. It was the first full play of mine done in the Black Box. It’s continued to follow me through life, and now it’s been chosen for the Journeys Festival of new plays in the Spring here. That should be fun… my director is an Irish woman named Sheila. She rocks! We got to work together for the 24-play day that we did here too, so I think it should be a fruitful experience.

Some of you already know this, but for those who don’t, my full length play Louie’s at 1st and Main (yes, the one you’re doing in February 2005) is being done down in Dickinson ND by a group called Arts on the Prairie! The show dates are Dec 17-19 and I’m super excited about this. Most publishers won’t look at a new playwright without a production history attached to the play, so this will certainly help out, plus they even paid me royalties! (right out of the catalog!) I’ll be seeing it while I’m visiting home and having an early Christmas with the family. It’s pretty exciting that I get to be the guest of honor at my first professional production! (So to speak!)

For those of you who care, there you go. An update, finally. Much love… (oh, and send me things)



  1. daughterofjesus said,

    jumping grasshoppers!
    wow! congratulations on the play =) it’d be nice to be the guest of honor at an event which features my own brainchild. ahh, wonderful dreams. this is your reality. it’s so great to hear that you are doing great with writing! i know how stressful constructive criticism can be, especially if it is bad constructive criticism. heh. well, good luck and drive/fly safe on your way back to the minot! *hug*

  2. Anonymous said,

    Found you…
    It’s been such a long time, slasher, my friend. I haven’t been on FOD in forever. Hope you remember me.
    Much love,

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