Carbondale ROCKS

July 5, 2004 at 9:24 pm (Uncategorized)

It’s true, Carbondale Illinois does rock. If you don’t believe me you can check out and it will tell you so.

So my good friend Jill and I got back from Illinois without going off the road and dying in a fiery crash. I find this to be a generally good thing, for if we had I could not relate to you, the LiveJournal reader, how wonderful a place it is.

First of all, Carbondale is a small city, even smaller than Minot. There are around 23,000 people who live in Carbondale, so it remains only a small dot on the roadmaps, however because the university hosts an astonishing 21,000 students during the year (on average) it has features only found in a town ten times its size.

They have Barnes and Noble, Hot Topic, several independent record stores, a great deal of interesting restaurants including Italian and other ethnic/cultural foods like Greek and Soul food. The community is liberal minded and progressive and features a great many cultural events, musicians and bands, theatre groups and art galleries. The ethnic diversity there is unbelievable, yet everyone comes out for the amazing cultural events that the COMMUNITY hosts. For example, Thursday night is a concert in the park night, where I saw everyone, young and old, black and white, of all sizes shapes and colors get together to listen to a Celtic Rock band, drink some beer, dance around, play with kids and have a good time. They also have reggae, rock, world music and numerous other genres… this is a community built for college students! (There are also a lot of aging hippies there, which accounts for the cultural diversity and liberal bent).

The theatre dept. where I will be spending my next several years is immense, and rich in love… the people there seem very nice, and supportive of what I want to do. The production opportunities are amazing, and it’s almost 100% positive that I will see my work done on a Chicago stage at least once or more while I attend SIU.

My apartment is two one-bedrooms sandwiched together, so it’s actually bigger than a two-bedroom, and the cats can stay there too! I’m within walking distance of the campus, the strip (nightlife there is excellent) and a really cool indy record store!

If it sounds like I’m anticipating this, I am… this will be a wonderful new life for me… time to shake off the dust, head em’ up and move em’ out… yeah…



  1. kilderkin said,

    I’m glad Carbondale didn’t suck.
    I’m glad we didn’t die in a fiery crash. Or a fairy crash. Those are bad.
    I’m glad you like the place.
    I’m glad candy is so sweet and delicious.
    I’m glad Kandi is not.
    I’m glad you’re not a fucking idiot whom I would like to choke the life out of with my bare hands.
    Unlike some other lj users. And you know what I mean. And by “you know what I mean,” you know what I mean.

  2. daughterofjesus said,

    Carbondale is just a hop, jump and skip away, my friend
    I am glad you liked where you will be spending the next era in your life. I probably would have kicked some ass if you didn’t like it =)
    I wish you all the luck in the world but you won’t even need it because you will succeed, saltamonte.

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