Adventures with the green faerie…

June 13, 2004 at 5:59 pm (Personal)


The word that sent 19th century French abolitionists into a frenzy by mere mention of it’s name. A powerful liquor, rumored to give the drinker a sense of clarity, well being, and even possibly auditory, visual or kinesthetic effects in addition to the regular alcohol buzz typical of liquor thanks to the thujone in it, a chemical that comes from the distillation of wormwood. Illegal to purchase in the United States and Canada.


A collection of ink printed on paper that hold information and/or entertainment for the reader of said material.


An extremely hot element naturally occurring in the universe, which man (through trial and error) has somewhat learned to control.

These three elements were brought together last evening for a party that blew away most of the others I’ve been to in the last… well… ever. I arrived early, as the party was to begin with a barbecue. After stuffing myself with various meats and sweets, and priming myself with a couple of malt beverages, I and my partner in crime broke out the bottle of Francois Guy Plantes D’ Absinthe. I had acquired this treasure through a contact far away, and had paid half of quite a bit to be a part of the fun, but how often does an American get to try Absinthe?

We followed the ritual to the letter, using the sugar cubes and traditional methods of imbibing the elixir. Several sips later, I found myself to be enjoying Absinthe quite a bit, and found it not nearly as bitter as anticipated. It had a nice herbal anise flavor…

After showing off our extremely cool beverage of choice, we wandered toward the fire to get to the true reason for the evening’s festivities: The BOOK BURNING.

It was beautiful. I laughed as my much-hated Spanish books curled up in flames. As each of the pages burned from various hated books, members of the circle, mostly English majors, rejoiced as the flames ate up all the negative stigma attached to such things.

Then came a rousing round of truth or dare. Being an extrovert and something of a psycho, I was more than willing to do whatever necessary to play, usually choosing “dealer’s choice” as opposed to “truth” or “dare.” By now of course, the absinthe was kicking in, and although I didn’t see any faeries or have any hallucinations, I certainly got the sense of clarity expressed by those accounts I read online. I was quite clear, as I stripteased for various people I probably shouldn’t have.

I ended up in a rather difficult situation at the end of the night… there were three females all avidly pursuing me (and two more that seemed interested but married, and thus uninterested by default.) This is an unusual situation for me, and I was having trouble deciding what to do, or who to pursue, if anyone. I certainly don’t need complications in my life (any more than usual anyway). I did however, “choose someone” by the end of the evening, and we had a… good time. No regrets this morning, so I think I did the right thing. Now to deflect the glares of those I did NOT take home and damage control any ill will coming from that direction is the next step I suppose, but that’s how it goes.

All in all, one hell of a night. I need more parties like that one…


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  1. daughterofjesus said,

    Re: Wha?
    Wish I could have been there, man. 😉 Sounds like a hell o’ a time.

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