June 8, 2004 at 12:11 am (Uncategorized)

I can’t believe I’m crying over a cat.

I broke down in tears on the way home from dropping off my good friend Anubis at the home of my friends Stephanie and Joe. Anubis, the friend in question, seemed relatively happy when I left, but his nerves were quite jangled.

My nerves would be jangled too if someone threw me into a box from which I couldn’t escape, carted me into a loud and smelly metal thing a hundred times bigger than me, and whisked me across the world to end up in a new place where I didn’t recognize anything and nobody spoke my language.

Poor Anubis… I feel so bad for him. He’s the cat nobody could take care of. Like a foster child, he’s carted back and forth to new homes every year or so. He’s not a bad cat, he’s just unlucky I guess. I would love to keep the big fella, only I’m moving far away to a place where two cats are the maximum occupancy, and my two girls Vertigo and Dandelion have to come with me.

Hopefully he’ll be happy with Stephanie and Joe. He’s a very amicable guy, Anubis… plays fetch, enjoys a good belly rubbing, and does all sorts of little things that are quite amusing. Sure, he’s a little overweight, but that just makes him the penultimate American cat. (Look at the average McWaistline of the American consumer, and Anubis suddenly isn’t so bad!)

He rubbed against me before I left. Perhaps he knew. Perhaps not. Perhaps he’s sitting there frightened in a new place with only a toy boot and a scratching post to call his own. I can’t think like that though, or I’ll keep feeling bad. Perhaps instead he’s looking at this as a new opportunity for friend-making. Maybe he and Peppers (their cat) will like each other, and maybe he’ll be happy and healthy there. It’s hard to look at the bright side, but I think I will for the sake of my kitty cat.

I’ll miss the big fella.


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