Summer of 04′ :D

May 13, 2004 at 2:48 pm (Uncategorized)

The end of an era feels so good sometimes…

I graduate tomorrow morning!

I’m thinking about going naked under the graduation gown… but I probably won’t since I need pockets to carry my keys and wallet. It would really suck to be pulled over for some reason on the way there and not have my driver’s license AND be naked under the robe. It would make a funny story, but tomorrow is not a day for funny stories… it’s a day for closure.

So many wonderful things to do this summer… trips to Minneapolis, MN and Boulder Colorado, and later this summer a big rollicking good time England vacation! The big move to Illinois, and lots of free time to get some creative stuff done, like working on music and writing projects… I’m going to relax the crap out of this summer…

Life is beginning all over again…


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  1. daughterofjesus said,

    i’m so happy for you, my friend. it is indeed the end of an era for you. think back on all those fond memories and make room for more! i know you’ll do wonderfully in life because you’re a wonderful person. =)

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