The final countdown…

May 9, 2004 at 11:16 am (Uncategorized)

Last night was my final bow, the culmination of everything I’ve done at Minot State University as a student of Theatre. The production itself, a one-man show called “Sex Drugs Rock and Roll” by Eric Bogosian, went wonderfully well, and I recieved a standing ovation for my efforts.

My final bow…

I feel a lot of interesting emotions about this. There is, of course, a natural sense of melancholy that comes with the finality of this being my last show here. I took that final bow and realized I would never be able to do that here again. After seven years, a place takes on a certain significance that’s almost spiritual, at least if you love the place as I did.

I also feel a great sense of accomplishment. I did this project because I wanted to, not for any kind of college credit, or nomination for some acting award, or money, or anything… just because I wanted to do something purely wonderful for myself and challenge myself to succeed at something few people undertake.

I guess I succeeded. Kevin Neuharth, a man who’s passion for the theatre is the most bright and shining I have ever seen, came up and hugged me after the performance. People who had known me forever told me that they didn’t even see “me” anymore in the characters. It was a truly wonderful experience.

The last one.

But, I have to look at this as a gate to greener pastures, not an impentetrable wall. Next year I take the next step, using everything I’ve learned here and building on my experiences to reach up to the next level: a professional theatre degree. (An MFA in Playwriting, to be exact.)

The end of one journey is the beginning of another…



  1. kilderkin said,

    I challenge you, Mike Rose.
    I challenge you in a race to the death–The first one of us to die either a) tragically and young or b) rich, gets to have the Black Box renamed the “(Insert Name Here) Memorial Theatre.”
    The gauntlet has been thrown, my friend–start raking in the bucks, or planning your freak accident.

    • Michael Rose said,

      Death and riches
      What if I die a rich tragedian? Does that count twice? What if I’m run over by a bus full of rich people? Does that allow them to memorialize me, since my death was at the hands of rich people, or do I have to be rich myself at the time of my death? Why do people eat eggplants?

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