A wee feather in me’ cap, boyos.

April 24, 2004 at 4:09 pm (Uncategorized)

I got a letter today stating that the Humanities division at Minot State University is recognizing me with the Senior Merit award this year for my contributions in English and Communication Arts. I’m pretty honored to recieve this, especially since I got one two years ago as well for my work in the theatre when I was finishing up my first degree. They don’t give too many of these out, I think maybe a maximum of 4 a year in the entire division or something like that. Gee, it’s nice to be noticed. šŸ™‚

Hard work and being a nice guy actually do pay off. Who would have thought it possible…

On a side-note… she (see previous entry) wants a second date! That’s certainly promising. I like her lots. Maybe karma finally decided to throw me a little cosmic balance…

No other shoe… no drop… happy…



  1. kilderkin said,

    Congrats, buckshot. Nice to see that MiSu is recognizing you and your outstanding seniorosity once again. They like you! They really, really like me! (If you thank the academy, Shaar’s drinking all the little people who helped make it possible in a windy acceptance speech, there’s ten bucks in it for ya.)
    Did you ever wonder if they’re really just giving you an outstanding senior for being an outstanding senior? Kind of a senior seniority thing? šŸ˜‰ Love you, Mom!

  2. jesse_dylan said,

    I think you deserve it.
    I wonder if I’ll ever get something someday?

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