A date! A date! Woot!

April 18, 2004 at 5:37 pm (Uncategorized)

The date that got postponed last weekend was moved to this weekend, and I finally got to meet her… I don’t think I could have asked for things to go better, considering I didn’t know her before last night!

Our first meeting was a four hour long conversation about everything one could possibly talk about… you know how sometimes when you meet someone new, there are uncomfortable pauses and reaching for conversation? Not last night… we sat with our beverages and discussed music, movies, cats, weird things, public nudity, work, travel, family, friends, coffee, parties, boredom and life… it was amazing how many little things we seemed to have in common!

We both love cats, all sorts of music (including electronic and industrial… she digs Aphex Twin for God sakes!), weird movies (Being John Malkovich is one of both our favorites), books (Stephen King and more literary authors as well), pop culture, and we both have sarcastic and bizarre senses of humor!

We’re both Virgos… obsessed with people not being able to use the English language (spelling and grammar mistakes) and enjoy being organized within our messes… and we were both comfortable enough to discuss how we’d both tried this whole “meeting someone on the net” before and it sucked, so there was a great level of openness there…

She’s even from Colorado… one of my new favorite states… weird coincidence? Cosmic connection? Laugh out loud Sunday on Fox? Who knows!

I’m not stupid enough to be counting my chickens before they hatch here, or jumping the gun in thinking this will become anything more than what it is, but every great ending has a great beginning, and this was certainly a great beginning…

More to follow… end transmission…


1 Comment

  1. jesse_dylan said,

    I liked the part where…
    …a car stopped, as you two were shambling awkwardly to her vehicle and a sly, beautiful man said, “Hullo, Mike!”
    Yeah. That was good.

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