Stupid stupid Spanish… so stupid…

March 30, 2004 at 12:47 pm (Uncategorized)

I nearly had to bite my tongue off this morning.

If I hadn’t kept it in check, my tongue would have reared back and burst forth from my mouth, maiming and killing everyone it it’s path until it finally reached it’s target, the most irritatingly idiotic teacher I have ever met. My Spanish teacher is the absolutely most unfit person to ever teach a college class.

Consider the evidence:

1. She springs group assignments on us two days before they are expected to be turned in. If you’ve ever tried to get a group of busy college students to find time that works for everyone within two days of being assigned something, you understand why this is a problem. This is what occurred this morning to nearly send me over the edge.

2. She is frequently incorrect. Why are we being “taught” by someone who is still learning the language? She is often confused, and it’s very difficult to figure out how she got the job in the first place.

3. She is unqualified. Through the gentle art of probing conversation I discovered that the woman doesn’t have her Master’s degree. That means basically that I am as qualified to teach college as she is, since I also have a BA finished.

4. She doesn’t understand the concept of being appropriate. During class, she uses such examples as her weird and disturbing relationship with her husband, making the entire class extraordinarily uncomfortable. She is apparently going through a divorce, but it’s hard to tell, since from the way she speaks about him, it sounds more like they are remaining married, but simply hate each other. As you can imagine, this is irritating at best and blush-inducing at worst. Imagine the hell we were in during the chapter on the words for marriage and divorce.

5. This is not simply my ranting, but a general consensus. I learned from people who work in the office (and this doesn’t surprise me) that she received the WORST ratings in years during her evaluation from students last semester. Also see a recent entry from my friend Stephanie, who is also in the class: daughterofjesus

Due to all of the above, and also because certain students have expressed their disgust to the administration, I doubt she will be teaching here next year. I used to feel bad for her, since she is obviously socially retarded and apparently used to younger students with more background (as odd as that seems) but she is screwing up my life. It’s hard to pity someone who is stressing you out and creating turmoil in your life. She is a decent person, but a TERRIBLE teacher. I hope she finds something else to do, and soon, because there is bound to be someone with less restraint than me that comes down the pike soon to rip her apart at the seams.



  1. jesse_dylan said,

    There is a limit to the pity you can have for someone in a situation like this, isn’t there? I’m glad you have Stephanie at least! And that she has you.

  2. Anonymous said,

    i hear ya!
    i know exactly what you are talking about because i go through it with you……..but it doesn’t help that there are three teachers in the room besides her… has been a wasted semester and for some a wasted year….

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