Gloom, doom, and other things rhyming with “oom.”

March 29, 2004 at 2:02 am (Uncategorized)

What an odd mood I find myself in. Bored, tired, a little horny, a little pensive, slightly jaded, mostly cynical… The perfect mood for gloomy gothic metal. I feel like taking a long walk in the dark, but it’s too cold outside right now. Soon, I suppose, SPRING will come and I’ll be able to take my evening walks again.

It’s a coping method for me, I suppose… walking in the night… luckily I live in a small enough city where doing such things is fairly safe. The most dangerous thing you’ll meet around here (unless you go into a bar, of course) is a squirrel with a bad rash. Looks like it’s about time for bed, if I want to be able to get up and function normally in the morning.

I’m not sure what I need right now… I know I need something… possibly companionship, possibly sex, possibly just a big bowl of Kix.

It’s hard to tell sometimes.

Still, I remain cynical. That’s my default state of being. 🙂


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  1. jesse_dylan said,

    I think I know the feeling.
    Anyway, spring is on the way. Perhaps I’d make a good companion for a night-time walk sometime, eh? Maybe we could get Stephanie to accompany us. Walking is great, but there is just something about NIGHT-TIME walking.
    Also, don’t underestimate squirrels with rashes.
    It’s funny; sex has become something I totally avoid now. I mean, I wasn’t promiscuous before. Not at all. But when my last girlfriend (the one before Brittany) dumped me, I really considered promiscuity. It was like a coping method. The most I ever did was trade pics over the internet (ahem), but still, constantly considering promiscuity was a nice occupant in my angry mind.
    I sort of regret all that, though.
    Anyway, I learned my lesson. And this time, I’ve gone the opposite route. I hardly even masturbate anymore because I don’t want to think about her. It seems I always drift to her.
    Sorry, is this TMI?
    Well, the point is that, for some unknown reason, I am very under-obsessed with sex now. Well, maybe it’s NOT for an unknown reason, but the point still remains.
    It’s not bad. I have a lot more thought cycles for other things. Those other things unfortunately are just Brittany right now, but once I’m feeling a little better, imagine what all I’ll be able to think about!
    And/or I will drift back to constant, enthusiastic masturbation.
    Kix, on the other hand…

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