Rocking the whole planet in a matter of seconds

March 28, 2004 at 6:05 pm (Uncategorized)

The industrial madness and destruction begins Thursday night when Flood Damage takes the stage at the AMP. I’m excited… a little bit nervous, but overall, excited. It’s been a long time since Flood Damage has played live, and I think people need to be shaken up a little bit. It’s such a punk scene around here that I think people need to be brought out of their comfort zones and witness to another kind of music… Flood Damage is just the bad to do that.

The main problem with this is that we haven’t practiced in months. I mean, I go through the stuff all the time in the studio, since it’s all me here, but as far as live band members go, we haven’t connected in quite some time. Tonight my guitarist and I are getting together to work on some stuff and hopefully get everything ready for Thursday night.

I guess the main reason I feel any pressure at all is that people have come to expect something interesting and unique from Flood Damage shows… we’ve passed out juice boxes, had hillbillies square dancing to industrial rock, written all over me with highlighter so that I was blazing with designs in blacklight for the Halloween show… hell, my guitarist gave birth to a dozen corn-syrup covered baby-dolls during one show (that one got some reactions! LOL)… now it’s an April Fools Day show and I can’t come up with anything special.

By Thursday we’ll know what we’re doing…

And the children will run…

The damage is here…


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  1. mairesue said,

    mentioned you on his LJ as a new user so WELCOME!
    Good luck with you concert! I hope you think of something for April Fools Day.

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