A burning sensation to write garbage…

March 27, 2004 at 11:04 pm (Uncategorized)

Of course, burning garbage doesn’t smell very good, so perhaps I should cut my desire back to a less feisty adjective… lets say I have a tentative desire to write garbage, that way nothing will start on fire and nobody will blame me for burning down the house.

Not that there’s anyone here to blame me.

The point being, I was sitting here bored and in a very odd mood (which is certainly nothing new for me, being a generally odd person anyway) and remembered that I have several friends with Live Journals. I thought to myself, “Hey self, why don’t you join them in airing your angst-ridden dirty laundry to thousands of strangers on the internet!”

After a short argument with myself in which I got one black eye and lost a kneecap (I think I saw it slide under the couch during the battle) I wrote this: My first LiveJournal entry.

Hoorah for me.

I wish I had a candy bar.


1 Comment

  1. hillarygayle said,

    I almost always wish I had a candy bar.
    mentioned you in his journal, so I thought I’d come welcome you to the really big, really weird, really…VARIED…party that is Livejournal.

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